Air Blown Fibre

Client requirements in the ever-advancing communications market continues to grow, stretching scarce bandwidth resources and truly testing the performance of today’s networks.

In choosing cabling system solutions, whether for small, medium or large multi site locations, server farms or co-location datacentres, network planners have some serious issues to consider. Among these is the decision as to which type and mix of fibre to install to allow for future network expansion and upgrades.

In the past, standard practice has been to install ‘dark fibre’ in an attempt to meet future demands, however this practice is not risk-free as unterminated, untested fibres may not be fit for purpose when the time comes to utilse the fibres in the future.

PLEXUS can provide innovative Air Blown Fibre systems that give complete freedom from risk by pre-installing a ducting route and then blowing in the fibre element only when required. The Air Blown Fibre system is very versatile and can be used to provide backbone (up to 1km) and / or fibre to the desk links; it is easily installed by using compressed air to blow the fibre element and simply terminated on to standard optical connectors.

An Air Blown Fibre system installed and maintained by PLEXUS allows networks to be configured and reconfigured quickly during initial installation and at any time thereafter to meet changing requirements. Once installed, the blown fibre network can be switched to the latest fibre technology with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

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